Our Mission

We started out to save a historic run-of-river hydropower plant that was once the only source of electric power for Woodstock, Virginia. Our mission then turned to modernizing the hydropower plant to produce green energy with state of the art technology matched with the century old turbines.  As we push forward, we want to help others use the same technology we use.    

Our History

Established in 2011, Burnshire Hydroelectric is rehabilitating and ultra modernizing a green energy source to help slow climate change.

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Our Work

We are integrating traditional hydropower components with modern generators and power electronics.  Our current research includesvariable speed and head hydroelectric power generation and smart grid integration.

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Our Goal

We are offsetting our carbon footprint while saving a local historic site.  Burnshire was the first power plant in Shenandoah County and our neighbors should know where their modern power grid was born.  We have been successful deploying cutting edge technologies in a "mature" industry and hope to share our experiences with others.

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